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Markets and Clients:
Over the years we have acquired a significant presence in different markets and sectors, which have been established to cover the majority of companies that are interested in achieving a high degree of penetration in a given time as well as direct access to a number of potential customers through our various offices abroad, as well as partner companies with which we, with our company philosophy.

Through local partners, MC TRADING offers a wide coverage in the following markets:

Europe: Italy, Hungary.
Eastern Countries: Russia, Belarus and Moldova.
Persian Gulf: United Arab Emirates.
Asia: China, Korea and Hong Kong.
Africa: Ghana and Liberia.
South America: Chile and Brazil.
India in the near future.

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Sourcing and R&D.
Supply. Research and Development. Search, evaluation and contracting of suppliers of goods and services.

Production and Quality Control.
MC TRADING is responsible for monitoring and control of all production processes.

Supply Chain.
MC TRADING locate the most appropriate distribution channels to product level and logistically.