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MC Trading is giving for years at different companies, the service of all or part of the various activities that come with their own export department. In some cases we focus on customer support and advice on activities that have little experience and need adequate coverage.
In other cases, we find that the company has neither the experience nor equipped with the proper structure of the human, technical and economic resources to start and develop this activity. This is where we outsource the department responsible for all facets that it represents.
Department of export

MC TRADING offers advisory service to all companies that are in the process of internationalization, exporting, supply or commercial or production implementation. Our Consultancy is based on three very well defined phases:

1. Diagnosis and Strategic Planning. Market identification.

Diagnosis of the situation of the company from a global perspective: product analysis, management system, financial condition, processes, etc..

Development and / or review and reorientation of the Strategic Plan, where we design and propose strategies for internationalization commercial options (evaluation of commercial networks abroad) or implantation from the needs and capabilities of the client, always taking into account the political, economic and legal.

Study and analysis of feasibility and acceptability of the product-market, ie, to analyze whether the product will have an outlet in the desired market. The study will be based on the Strategic Plan for Internationalization prepared by the client and / or revised and refocused by MC TRADING, to advise and see their consistency with the target market (distribution, target audience, resources, deadlines).

Identification of markets and business opportunities, providing relevant information on the markets that best suit the client’s international expansion as well as search and analysis of specific business opportunities and investment in international markets.

2. Implementation of the company in the foreign market.

Customs Formalities Advisory and Transportation (multimodal) from origin to destination.

Legal assessment, customs law, etc.

Advertising media advice: help in the design and production of catalogs, mailings, finding the most appropriate media.

Institutional relationships, looking for suitable partners in the target market, both public and private, to facilitate the implementation processes for both companies and other organizations and institutions.

Search for local partners, local companies are identifying specific sectors that may be the best answer for the client partnership in the implementation process, either through business cooperation (strategic alliances) or acting as distributors, suppliers, Commercial Agents , etc.

Negotiation, helping our clients in the negotiation of the different phases in any former Strategic Partnership: Joint Venture.

Financing: Effective monitoring of the financing lines of different international multilateral organizations, it is proposed to customers about certain routes and funding instruments for specific projects. Also, we process payment forms, risks, opening lines of credit, etc.. Search for grants and advice in dealing with them.

Búsqueda de subvenciones y asesoramiento en la tramitación de las mismas.

3. Consolidation and Growth.

Monitoring, control and assesment to correct and / or support the action plan in the medium and long term previously been provided to ensure proper growth and its subsequent consolidation.

CLICK TO ZOOM Diagnosis and Strategic Planning

CLICK TO ZOOM Implementation of the company in the foreign market

CLICK TO ZOOM Implementation of the company in the foreign market

CLICK TO ZOOM Consolidation and Growth

Markets and Clients:

Over the years we have acquired a significant presence in different markets and sectors, which have been established to cover the majority of companies that are interested in achieving a high degree of penetration in a given time as well as direct access to a number of potential customers through our various offices abroad, as well as partner companies with which we, with our company philosophy.

Through local partners, MC TRADING offers a wide coverage in the following markets:

Europe: Italy, Hungary.

Eastern Countries: Russia, Belarus and Moldova.

Persian Gulf: United Arab Emirates.

Asia: China, Korea and Hong Kong.

Africa: Ghana and Liberia.

South America: Chile and Brazil.

India in the near future.

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Sourcing and R&D.
Supply. Research and Development. Search, evaluation and contracting of suppliers of goods and services.

Production and Quality Control.
MC TRADING is responsible for monitoring and control of all production processes.

Supply Chain.
MC TRADING locate the most appropriate distribution channels to product level and logistically.

Manage and analyze best logistics options, advice on customs procedures for import and export, tariff coding, administrative authorizations, Customs warehouses (DAP, ADT, DDA, LAME), Warehouse (multi-client and dedicated), Transport (sea, land , air) and multimodal for the individual studies that the company needs. CLICK TO ZOOM Logistic Services