Your Best Export and Strategic
Outsourcing Services Partner


MC TRADING philosophy is provide to our clients personalized service at all stages of the internationalization process, always looking for the ideal solutions and taking in account all requirements and special characteristics of the target market. In MC TRADING we know how to identify the right partners and create new opportunities for our clients.

Through our local partners MC TRADING offers a wide coverage in the following markets:

Europe: Italy, Hungary.

Eastern Countries: Russia, Belarus and Moldova.

Persian Gulf: United Arab Emirates.

Asia: China, Korea, Hong Kong and India.

Africa: Ghana and Liberia.

South America: Chile and Brazil.

As a consultant in international market development strategy, our business experts have devoted their entire professional career to advisory services working as international consultants, successfully advising for private and governmental companies and institutions, participating in training courses, international forums and debates.

In MC TRADING we provide the necessary tools and the expertise of a team capable of leading the process of reflection, with the aim of defining and evaluating the best options through a specific working methodology adapted to each case.